Galena Brewing CO
227 N. Main Street
Galena, IL 61036
(815) 776-9917

Galena Brewing CO ALE HOUSE
1534 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265
(309) 524-3148


How do we value the sustainability of the environment?

We are honored to be an Illinois business, and a member of the Jo Daviess community actively involved in local sustainability efforts. So we actively monitor, measure and manage our environmental impact, and work to reduce it wherever possible.

We have five primary initiatives:

Community: Regular participation in the following:

  • Recognition of local business green practices through participation in the Jo Davies Green Designation initiative
  • National Drive Electric Week
  • Earth Day celebrations
  • Community recycling initiatives including food and glass
  • Local free Level 2 EV charging facilities

Benevolence: Our mission statement is “Celebrate!” What better way to celebrate the wonderful community and environment we have been privileged to enjoy, than to give back to our community. 

We humbly donate approx. $24,000 per year to the following organizations:

  • Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation (50% of profits from the Major Davies Summer Ale)
  • Safe Haven Animal Shelter
  • Many other community charities and wonderful causes

Operations: We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint in the following ways

  • Reduction. Limiting our use of natural resources, and recycling where practical, whether energy, water, cooking oil, paper, plastic or other materials.
  • Recycling and reducing solid and liquid waste. We recycle:
    • Spent grain to local farmers
    • Propagation of used yeast to new beer batches
    • Broken glass and bottles to community recycle initiative
    • Cardboard to recyclers
    • Beer waste during line cleaning to the kitchen for cooking
    • Compostable restaurant materials (paper, straws, glasses) and kitchen green wastes to composting
  • Monitoring. We monitor and control monthly:
    • Water
    • Energy (Electricity, Natural Gas)
    • Ice
    • Food waste


We do not believe in waste or wasteful practices!!

Being respectful to life and neighborliness is important to us