Galena Brewing CO
227 N. Main Street
Galena, IL 61036
(815) 776-9917



227 North Main Street
Galena, IL 61036 - Map and Waitlist
(815) 776-9917

BEER: 13 delicious ales on tap AND full bar!

BREWERY TOURS: Tours available Fridays at 3pm or by appointment. Space is limited, first come-first served, $15 per person which includes a beer or wine to take on the tour with you. No reservations required just arrive 15mins early please.

Anna Belle’s™ : West Coast IPA

A smooth and lightly malty backbone creates balance for this double dry hopped IPA. Enjoy a dank bouquet of combined Pacific Northwest hops for a great all around beer.

(IBU 70, ABV 6.5)


Uly's Dark™ Oatmeal Stout

President Ulysses S. Grant’s (Uly to his friends) Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is what this ale is all about!

Dark as the mines of Galena, this stout has a rich and creamy tanned head which leaves beautiful lacing in your glass as it is enjoyed. It's a full bodied ale with profound notes of chocolate and roasted malts which help to round out its flavor profile. Sweet coffee notes also linger on the palate to entice the next sip! Find out more about General Grant here!

(IBU 28, ABV 5.5)


Fevre River Ale™ Hefeweizen

A classic Bavarian style wheat beer that is straw in color and somewhat cloudy due to the yeast in suspension. The yeast gives the beer a medium to heavy mouth feel yet it is very refreshing due to banana and clove overtones. This beer finishes with a light hop flavor that is smoothly notable.

(IBU 10, ABV 5.3)


Miner’s Treasure™ Amber Ale

Amber in color from lightly roasted and caramelized malts, exhibiting balanced flavors of raisin bread and caramel, while being complimented by Pacific Northwest hops.

(IBU 24, ABV 5.2)


Farmer’s™ Blonde Ale

Our lightest beer but without the sacrifice of character, featuring a crisp and smooth malt profile from Bohemian floor malted pilsner and wheat malt.

(IBU 13, ABV 5.0)

Thirsty Squirrel

Pecan Nut Brown Ale

A complex nut brown ale featuring notes of pale chocolate, toasted bread and caramel enhanced by sitting with fifty pounds of house roasted and then honey glazed pecans. 

(IBU 19, ABV 5.2%)  



Black Magic

Black Magic Coffee Milk Stout

A deliciously smooth, malty and mildly sweet milk stout base blended with liquid cacao and a specially crafted cold brew espresso blend from down the street at our friends, Galena Roasters. After blending the cold brew in the brew at about a 1:15ratio, it sat with house roasted almonds and Mexican vanilla bean in the brite tank to add depth of flavor and subtle flavor contributions.

(IBU 18, ABV 6.0) 



Troublemaker Belgian Style Quad

A rare and special beer that was produced with all Belgian grain from Dingemann's and Belgian Candi Syrup, according to style guidelines. This combination features a bouquet of, plum, prune, stone fruits, raisin, caramel and toasted bread. The candi syrup enhances the already present malt flavor while giving the yeast more sugar to consume to boost the ABV. Don't let the high ABV scare you as it goes down easy and without perceived boozy aroma or flavor, potentially getting you in trouble.

(IBU 20, ABV 8.9) 


Riverboat Gambler

Riverboat Gambler -Dortmunder (German Lager)

Light and highly drinkable, but packed full of unique German malt character.

(IBU 18, ABV 6.1)


Hoppy General

Hoppy General (Hazy IPA)

 Dry hopped NE IPA 

(IBU 21, ABV 7.0)


Beerded Billy Bock

Beerded Billy Bock: Bock

A very unique take on a bock, produced from a combination of German roasted, caramelized and base malts exhibiting a smooth and malty character reminiscent of: sweet toasted bread, dark caramel and pale chocolate.

(IBU 18, ABV 5.6)


Overnight Delight

Overnight Delight (Raspberry and Cherry Kettle Sour)

A wheat and Pilsner malt base beer that was soured overnight from Lactic Bacillus.  After fermentation the beer was blended with raspberry puree and tart cherry concentrate.  A kettle sour is a beer that its Ph is reduced in the brew kettle.

(IBU 18, ABV 5.2)